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In a data-driven world, where we rely on previous learnings and analysis to improve and invent, having control over our data can be the most important thing. If that’s the case, where we store the data is a very critical question. Because which cloud systems we use can determine many things. Besides the myths about cloud security, there are many facts that actually risk our data privacy. Open source systems and hosting them in the European Union zone can solve many of these concerns.

Know Where Your Data is Stored

Knowing where your data is stored is important in terms of data privacy and protection legislation. Data protection legal regulations vary from country to region and by knowing the location of your data, you can make sure which jurisdiction space rules your storage or cloud provider needs to follow. It is crucial to understand it to get a better idea about your data privacy.

Since the adaptation of GDPR in the European Union region, many users in Europe want to make sure their data is stored within the EU borders to maximize their data privacy. Unfortunately, with global service providers, it is nearly impossible to guarantee the location of your data. We often find ourselves wondering if our data is secured and is it staying confidential. But where is this question coming from?  

Big global cloud vendors have a network of data centres that are spread across the Globe, in different continents. They store your data in the closest locations to you to improve latency. But they also can move your data between different locations if they need in some cases, such as systems failure and shutting down computing resources for maintenance. Regional service providers are free of data random movement issues due to controlled location sets.

In one of many examples, by adopting an open source collaboration system like NextCloud, you can choose which cloud provider you will use for hosting and where you are storing your data. By choosing cloud providers who base their data centres only in Europe, you can make sure your cloud provider is GDPR compliant by the European Union law. Hosting your Nextcloud instance on PILW.IO can help you to make sure about that.

By being located in the European Union, PILW.IO can assure their users with EU compliance and privacy regulations such as GDPR. This is a platform where you don’t have to worry about your data privacy.

With PILW.IO’s simple to use user interface and extensive API, you can deploy Nextcloud easily and host your systems with cost-efficient, transparent pricing. Sign-up today and see it for yourself!

For more information on how to deploy Nextcloud on PILW,IO you can check our user manual.


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