Highlights from the Future Cloud Summit Tallinn 2018

This October, we gathered many of the most successful global IT companies to discuss the today and the future of our cloud technologies. With more than 100 participants, we created promising discussions and shared our experiences.

Open Compute Project – John Laban

The leader of OCP in Europe John Laban presented facts about the Open Compute and Future of Data Centres.

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Nokia – Juho Jaakkola

Juho Jaakkola talked about Nokia’s experience in Building a Modern Infrastructure & Data Center.

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PILW.IO – Kaur Kiisler

The Co-Founder of PILW.IO Kaur Kiisler talked about the On Demand Cloud Services.


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Solita – Juho Friman

Juho Friman from Solita did a developer focused presentation and talked about Docker Containers: Developer’s Experience and Building Robust Developer Environments.

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Lenovo – Karl Hansen
Karl Hansen presented Lenovo’s role in the global digital transformation and knowledge about hyperscale technologies.

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Starship – Kalle Volkov

Kalle Volkov from the very successful Starship Technologies made a presentation about Cloud Experience & Bottlenecks.

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Inspur – Gavin Wang
Gavin Wang presented Inspur’s contributions to the Open Compute Project and presented Hardware Solutions for OCP, GPU and AI.

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